Company Profile

Our company was founded upon the principles of integrity, diversity, professionalism and longevity.  We are continually shaping and improving our business practices to ensure that our members have every opportunity to succeed.  Your growth and prosperity is our main job.

As your home-based business grows and achieves success, we will also see our company grow and succeed.  We believe in providing you, our independent sales representatives, with the finest quality products, the most effective and easy to use marketing system, and the most rewarding compensation plan available in our industry.

So important to most people who want to start a business from home, we provide the most comprehensive training, accessible field leaders and knowledgeable customer service staff.

We encourage diversity in our business approach.

Most people who start home based businesses are seeking the freedom of charting their own destinies.  They want a business of their own, where they make the decisions and realize all of the benefits of being the boss.

Others may start a home-based business because of the products we offer, who are passionate about the benefits they enjoy from them and like telling their story.  Still others join us because they want to earn extra income or want to replace income from their work a day jobs.

Regardless of your motivation, our company has a place for you where you can manage your success, make your own decisions and earn what you are truly worth.  We believe that by providing you with the ability to realize your dreams through our business model, we are improving our entire society, financially and culturally.

We believe in you, and we will continue to base our decisions and actions in the future upon the single most important factor of our business ensuring your continued success, for now and for tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide products and services which will enable you to build a successful home-based business.  Within that mission we will utilize all of our combined knowledge and leadership principles to ensure that you succeed.

The products that we provide will be of the finest quality, greatly in demand in the marketplace because of their benefits and priced appropriately to provide you and us with the profits we all work so hard to earn.  Our goals support our mission—to develop stable, reliable ways of enabling you to own and manage a rewarding and exciting home-based business.

When you join our community, you are welcomed into a family of people who share the similar ideals of integrity, confidence and belief in helping each other.

As our mission becomes your mission, you will find that you do not stand alone.  Our field leaders will train you and help you build your business from the beginning.  Our company management will continue to make decisions with your best interests at heart.  Our customer service staff stands ready to support you and to help you resolve any challenges you might face.  We will seek innovation to improve not only our products and services, but the support and training systems you need to achieve your goals.

We will always look for the better ways to acquire and market our products, train and support our field force and improve our compensation plan so that in the end, all of us will benefit.  We invite you to join us and to begin a journey of discovery and happiness that will improve and enrich your life.


Tempe, AZ United States

Contact Email: villapane@mystorefront.ws