Always Beware The Celebrity Endorsement

There can be no doubt about it, celebrity sells. Look at the advertisements shown during the breaks in your favorite TV program, and you will notice that at least half of them feature a celebrity in one way or another. The message that these ads seek to convey is that you should want this product, because the celebrity has one and thinks it is great.

It is important to be a little bit cynical about this use of celebrities, because when it comes down to it there is no real way of knowing that the celebrity actually uses or even likes the product. They are paid money to say they do, and there is a long list of things that people will do for money. Lying about a product is not even one of the more outlandish ones.

It is better to feel that a company has put their money into developing a product that really works than to think that they have spent the huge fees that most celebrities can command in order to convince people that this product is what they want. So when it comes to firming your abs, don’t look at the celebrity endorsing the product. Look at what the ad tells you.

If there is sound scientific research underpinning why a product works, this should always be more convincing in persuading you to part with your money than any kind of endorsement. It is more important to know why something works than to know who says it does. People can be bought, principle cannot.