The Mythical Six Pack – Do You Have One?

Good abdominal muscles are something that are coveted by a large percentage of the world’s population. A six pack you could bounce coins off is something to be coveted, particularly if you are a man, or so we are led to believe. And yet, a massive number of us not only don’t have a six pack but seem well on our way to developing a party keg instead.

It is impossible to avoid reminders of the six pack we are asked to cultivate. Watch any number of pop videos and you will find that these impossibly young and energetic stars all seem to have the mythical six pack. How did they manage it? You can go through a training regime that seems to be up there with what the Navy Seals carry out, and still not have what you are looking for.

Should you just give it up as an impossibility? I mean, it would be fantastic to have that six pack, but there are plenty of people who manage to get along without it. Does it matter all that much? If you feel comfortable with how you look, do you need to go to the effort of working on the abs until you are exhausted (but sculpted)?

The truth is that you are the only one who can decide if you want, need and can get the six pack look. If you want to be a successful pop star then the chances are that you will have to try and get those abs. If you want to model sports gear or underwear, then you’ll find it hard to get work without those abs. So do you want the six pack, or are you happy with a keg?